About Us

Gemstone Export, the well-established manufacturers, supplier and exporter of gemstone and other related products has its business networks not only in India, but also in countries like Europe, America, UK, China, Middle East, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. It indicates the diverse base of customers that we have till date. We attribute our success to our team of experts that work day and night to ensure that the best quality products are manufactured from our plants. Not only we adhere to the latest industrial standards in producing materials, but also our quality management team checks the quality before shipping it to the customers.

Along with quality, prices are other important factors that help us to stand out from the crowd. We charge competitive prices compared to any other store due to which our customers look forward to buying from us. In addition to that, we have a vast range of collection that no other store can possibly offer. Whether you are in need of spheres and pyramids or tumble stones, gemstone jewelries or chakra and Reiki products, we can offer you anything under the sky. Hence, you will be spoilt for choice, and you will not have the need to check out the collection at any other store.

Our experts always makes effort to bring the most unique and dynamic stones in different shapes, colors, textures and sizes. Apart from the loose stones, we also cut them with our advanced machines to give them unique features. If you want, we can also make wonderful products with them like keychains, healing wands or chakra jewelries. As a result, your purposes will be served, and you will always get the best. Nothing is better than this. Therefore, it is high time to check out what choices and collections we have in store for you.

Our strict quality measures and our most modern machineries help us to move forward constantly. We have experienced a growth in the demand for different products in the recent years due to which we have started increasing our collection. Our experts at Gemstone Export can also give ideas and suggestions regarding the best products that you should purchase. Moreover, if you experience any doubts and queries, feel free to get in touch with our customer care team that is available 24/7 to guide you and assist you in every way possible. Taking a look at our official website www.gemstoneexportindia.com will also be helpful.